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Synergie UltraCleanse (cleansing gel concentrate) BONUS X-fol Cloth (120ml)

A gentle yet concentrated gel cleanser suitable for all skin types. Designed to effectively remove surface pollution traces of makeup and excess oil without stripping the natural pH of the skin. | | 120ml | | KEY BENEFITS | | Lipid layer enhancer complex (Coco Glucoside and Glyceryl Oleate): | This cleanser boosting complex is sulphate free and offers effective and irritation free cleansing with natural moisturising properties. This ‘clean science’ ingredient is a natural biolipid which leaves the skin clean hydrated and feeling soft after cleansing | | Cocoamidopropyl Betaine: | A natural coconut derived cleansing ingredient designed to effective remove surface grime and excess oil without stripping the natural acid mantle. | | Sodium PCA: | A water loving ingredient (humectant) which attracts and binds water into the skin for optimal hydration and skin functioning. | | APPLICATION | | Use morning and evening to remove surface impurities and makeup. Mix 1/2 a pump of UltraCleanse in the palm of your hand with a small amount of water to create a light lather. Massage over face before rinsing off thoroughly. Use 1 pump of UltraCleanse with damp Gentle X-fol Cloth to ensure proper makeup removal and a deeper clean.