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Synergie Sanitiser Spray

A low-irritant hospital-grade sanitising spray with added hydrators to protect hands and surfaces against bacteria and microbes. This anti-inflammatory and non-stripping disinfecting spray will protect skin and provide a barrier against microbes which can be potentially harmful. | | Encompassing our Clean Science philosophy this formulation contains botanically-derived alcohol and is free from questionable ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol. Soothing aloe vera reduces any irritation while natural glycerine helps to prevent dryness. | | 150ml | | Due to its flammable nature we are permitted to ship a maximum quantity of five Sanitiser Sprays per order. Regrettably we’re currently unable to ship this item to a Tasmanian address due to freight restrictions. | | KEY BENEFITS | | Grain derived alcohol (ethanol): | A safer and cleaner alternative to the questionable isopropyl alcohol our naturally grain derived alcohol alternative is a safer way to sanitise the skin. At a 70% concentration it is clinically proven to provide both antibacterial and antimicrobial protection. | | This botanical alcohol is antibacterial when used on skin and surfaces. Alcohol-based sanitisers must be at least 60% alcohol to be effective. Synergie’s Sanitiser Spray is 70% grain derived alcohol and will be effective within one minute of contact. | | Synergie believes that botanical ethanol is a cleaner ingredient that isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is twice as toxic and more absorbable in the bloodstream compared to ethanol. | | Glycerin: | This water loving ingredient is important to keep the skin hydrated by attracting and binding moisture into the skin. | | Aloe vera leaf juice (aloe barbadensis): | A highly concentrated and naturally soothing botanical active offers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. It provides calming and anti-itch properties while replenishing moisture levels in the skin. | | APPLICATION | | Sanitiser Spray is best used after touching surfaces such as door handles fuel pumps escalators shopping trolleys or handling cash. Use one spray on each hand as needed and rub together lightly. | | As a surface sanitiser allow Sanitiser Spray to dry and do not wipe the surface with water following its application as this will dilute the formula’s sterilising properties. | | Recommended for use on hands and surfaces only. Do not spray on the face or broken skin.