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Synergie Rejuvalip (anthocyanin & antioxidant lip balm) 4g

RejuvaLip is Synergie Mineral’s essential antioxidant lip balm with active vitamin C and the natural rosy tint of anthocyanin an antioxidant from red sweet potato. | | This daily balm deeply hydrates restores collagen and protects the delicate lip area from ageing environmental free radical damage. RejuvaLip will create youthful hydrated and intensely nourished lips. | | 4g | | KEY BENEFITS | | Anthocyanin: | A potent antioxidant providing protection against UVA/UVB damage harmful pollutants in the environment and free radical damage. It is also an effective anti-ageing ingredient. | | Tetrahexylethyl ascorbate vitamin C (oil soluble): | A novel oil soluble and highly stable form of vitamin C. This cosmeceutical provides additional protection from environmental free radical damage as well as significant collagen stimulation to the vulnerable lip area. Clinical studies further show the absorption of this oil soluble form of vitamin C is superior to the water-soluble derivatives. An oil soluble form of vitamin C is essential for lip products as all lip balms must be lipid based. | | Castor bean oil: | A healing vegetable-based oil containing 90% ricinoleic acid an unusual fatty acid that reduces inflammation and increases skin immunity. It is incredibly moisturising for the lips as it contains triglycerides which maintain moisture and effectively treat dry chapped skin. | | Organic olive squalene: | A pure concentrate rich in antioxidants vitamins and nutrients that reduces the appearance of dry stressed skin. It is a powerful and effective skin supplement proven to boost the immune system and help treat and repair inflammatory skin conditions. | | Stevia: | This natural botanical aids in the stimulation of collagen and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and helps reduce irritation. It also provides a naturally sweet flavour as a Clean Science alternative to artificial flavour. | | APPLICATION | | Apply as often as need daily to rescue restore and nourish dry and chapped lips or just as a kiss of natural rosy lip replenishment. Simply apply on its own or over your lipstick for added rejuvenation and to slightly intensify the tone.