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Synergie In-B-teen (B3 teen serum) 30ml

The ideal serum for adolescent skin and those concerned with minor blemishes oil control and general skin luminosity. Fortified with niacinamide In-B-Teen is the perfect introduction to active cosmeceuticals for young skin. | | 30ml | | KEY BENEFITS | | Benefits of niacinamide: | • Boosts skins immunity | • Reduces hyper-pigmentation | • Strengthens the stratum corneum and increases hydration | • Suppresses excess oil production in acne sufferers | • Stimulates collagen production | | In addition In-B-teen contains: | | Liquorice Extract: | An anti-irritant for sensitive skin that reduces redness and helps to regulate the oil gland. | | Aloe Vera: | A powerful anti-inflammatory which helps calm acne lesions and skin irritation in sensitive young skin. | | APPLICATION | | Apply serum daily prior to moisturising to maintain the appearance of healthy adolescent skin.