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Synergie Hydromatt (setting powder) 7g

A pressed setting powder with hydrating liposomes designed to absorb excess oil and reduce shine throughout the day. Perfect for setting makeup for events and all-day coverage. | | 6g | | KEY BENEFITS | | Lycopodium Clavatum Extract and Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract: | Clinically proven to prevent moisture loss and controls the release of hydrating liposomes onto the skin. This key ingredient is a lipid that explodes with moisture when you press it on to the face releasing hydration throughout the day to ensure your skin looks fresh and radiant from morning to night. | | Calcium carbonate: | Absorbs excess oil and reduces shine through out the day. | | APPLICATION | | Following the application of your Synergie Minerals foundation apply Hydromatt setting powder all over the face focusing on the T-zone. Apply using a clean Blusher Brush or Kabuki Brush.