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Synergie Gentle X-fol Cloth (muslin facial cloth)

Made from 100% muslin cotton Synergie Skin’s Gentle X-fol Cloth boasts superior quality with a denser weave to boost your facial cleansing routine with a light exfoliating action. Using a muslin cloth daily stimulates circulation and promotes regeneration of new cells leaving your skin smoother softer and better prepared for the application of daily serums and creams. | | The muslin cloth comes enclosed in a resealable zip lock slip with a satin hanging loop for easy drying. | | To keep the cloth fresh and clean rinse after each use and hand scrub with eco-friendly soap. Deep clean in the washing machine after 2-3 uses. Allow the cloth to dry completely after each wash to prevent the growth of bacteria. | | APPLICATION | | Rinse the muslin cloth under tepid water and use with UltraCleanse or BioCleanse in firm circular motions. | | For a more robust exfoliation and to focus on blackheads and skin congestion use the cloth with a coin-sized amount of MediScrub.