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Skinstitut Skin Inject DNC Homecare (0.25mm)

A DIY SKIN-NEEDLING TOOL TO IMPROVE SKIN TONE TEXTURE & RADIANCE | | Skin needling is a popular treatment to address a range of concerns including dullness lack of radiance breakouts acne scarring pigmentation and premature ageing—basically anything that leaves its mark on the skin. Professional treatments are particularly effective but if you want the convenient more affordable at-home option our Derma Roller is an efficient and painless DIY tool that’s oh-so-easy to use and takes as little as three minutes 2-3 times a week. | | It may look a bit intimidating and potentially painful but it’s absolutely not (see the link to our How To below). An amazing anti-ager in general with regular use our Derma Roller helps your skin to look and feel fresher invigorated more even and way more radiant. | | FOR DULL SKIN PIGMENTATION ACNE ACNE SCARRING & PREMATURE AGEING | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | Fitted with 600 surgical-grade 0.25mm stainless steel micro-needles our Derma Roller rolls painlessly over the surface layers to stimulate cell regeneration and renewal. It boosts that all-important Collagen production which helps give your skin strength and structure and that youthful plump look. Skin tone and texture improves pores are refined congestion cleared and even the appearance of stretch marks can fade with regular treatment. | | When used in conjunction with your skinstitut cosmeceutical routine Derma Roller can radically improve product absorption. | | | | HOW TO USE IT: | | Start with freshly cleansed skin and pat dry. Commence rolling in sections of the face. Then apply your skin-correcting serum and follow with your favourite moisturiser. | | SKINTEL: | | If you have dull skin we recommend using our Derma Roller with Rejuvenate 15 Serum. A hydrating serum rich in Copper minerals and peptides to assist in accelerating cellular renewal the combination of the two working together results in fresh dewy rejuvenated skin. If you’re prone to pigmentation or mild congestion try Derma Roller with our Even Blend Serum to boost exfoliation and cellular renewal for clear more refined skin.