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Skinstitut Rose Limited Edition Multi-Active Mist (100ml)

A HYDRATING FACE MIST TO MOISTURISE PROTECT & REVITALISE | | Multi-Active Mist is a refreshing face mist that moisturises nourishes and revitalizes the skin in seconds. It plays particularly well with others and is the perfect prep step before the rest of your skincare routine. | | Our favourite kind of spritz for thirsty skin we like to think of Multi-Active Mist as a spray-on moisturiser with antioxidant benefits. | | FOR ALL SKINS. BEST SUITED FOR DEHYDRATED SENSITIVE AND DRY SKIN | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | Multi-Active Mist drenches the skin in moisture to treat dehydration from drying conditions like air-conditioning central heating and change in climate. By boosting your skin’s moisture levels radiance returns. Loaded with antioxidants it neutralises and protects against free radicals and is a quick reset for tired-and-over-it skin. | | KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid Vitamins C and B3 Ginseng Green Tea Liquorice Root | | WHY WE LOVE IT: | | It’s instantly refreshing and revitalising and helps to combat the drying effects of air-conditioning central heating travel and changes in climate | | It protects against free-radical damage and environmental pollution both of which contribute to premature ageing | | It boosts radiance texture and tone simultaneously | | Nurturing botanicals calm irritation and sensitivity | | It’s a take-everywhere spritz that’s perfect for travel after exercise and as general 24/7 skin support | | | | HOW TO USE IT: | | After cleansing and prior to moisturising to help seal in moisture and boost radiance. Close your eyes and mouth and spritz over the face and neck while avoiding the eye area.