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Skinstitut Repair Balm (50ml)

A RESCUE BALM WITH EXCELLENT CALMING & HEALING BENEFITS FOR SENSITIZED SKIN | | Repair Balm is our much-loved-and-relied-upon salve for very sensitive skin that might be dry peeling or cracked and is definitely uncomfortable. We developed this calming balm specifically to support your skin after invasive professional treatments like chemical peels cosmetic tattooing and microdermabrasion but since then we’ve also found it to be super helpful for dry and very dry skins. Bonus. | | FOR DRY CRACKED & VERY SENSITIVE SKIN INCLUDING ECZEMA PSORIASIS & DERMATITIS | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | Hydration-boosting ceramides and rich-and-powerful nourishing botanicals like Shea Butter Jojoba and Kukui Nut Oils help to moisturise the skin while strengthening the barrier function to protect it against further sensitivity. Soothing botanicals like Chamomile and Cucumber calm irritation and reduce visible redness. You’re welcome. | | KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter Jojoba Oil Kukui Nut Oil Copper Botanical Vitamin A Ceramides Goji Berry | | | WHY WE LOVE IT: | | We think of it as the skincare equivalent of a hug for sorry-for-itself skin of all sensitivities. | | It strengthens repairs soothes and protects against further sensitivity | | Because our professional therapists and laser technicians love it. They often prescribe it to help calm and soothe skin after treatments and speed up the healing process. | | HOW TO USE IT: | | As an intensive moisturiser for severely dry or irritated skin. Gently apply one pea-sized amount of Repair Balm over face and neck. | | *Not recommended for oily skin types or acne-affected skin. | ** Please do not mix with skinstitut Vitamin C 100%.