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Skinstitut Laser Aid (200ml)

A COOLING GEL TO PROVIDE INSTANT RELIEF FOR IRRITATED SKIN | | If you have sensitive easily irritated skin Laser Aid will provide instant relief stat. This calming gel-based lotion is a worthy multi-tasker to have sitting in your bathroom cabinet ready and waiting to deal with any random rosacea flare ups hormonal breakouts or sunburn. It works to quickly soothe and heal your skin and is an absolute essential if you’ve just had invasive or non-invasive professional treatments like IPL microdermabrasion or laser to ease any discomfort and sensitivity and accelerate the natural healing process. [Skin sighs in deep relief.] | | FOR SENSITIVE IRRITATED SKIN ACNE & ROSACEA | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | Botanical extracts known for their calming effect help to reduce visible redness and inflammation in the skin deliver an instant cooling effect to quell irritation and discomfort. A blend of vitamin concentrates and antioxidants help to heal and repair. | | If you’ve had heat-inducing treatments like laser Laser Aid will initially give you that cooling sensation after which your skin may feel a little warm as it helps to draw the heat out of your skin. | | KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamins E and B5 Canadian Willowherb Witch Hazel extract Aloe Vera Cucumber Oil | | | | WHY WE LOVE IT: | | It provides instant relief with a cooling sensation to quickly calm red and inflamed skin sunburn inflamed pimples or breakouts and rosacea flare ups. | | It’s a post-treatment essential to alleviate redness irritation and heat in the skin after professional treatments such as laser (except Co2) IPL and waxing | | Not just a healing gel Laser Aid can also be worn on the skin in a thick layer as a cooling antibacterial mask or be applied directly to a spot or pimple to accelerate the healing process. | | HOW TO USE IT: | | Apply liberally to skin inflammation or irritation up to four times per day until your redness subsides. Remove excess with tissue. As mentioned you may feel a secondary warming sensation as Laser Aid is designed to draw heat out of the skin. | **Do not rub excessively. Do not apply over open skin. Do not use after treatment with Co2 lasers.