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Skinstitut Hydrating Mask (75ml)

A HYDRATING MASK TREATMENT TO NOURISH THE SKIN & BOOST RADIANCE | | Repeat after us: masking is a must. There’s the instant gratification of a great skin pay off of course but a great mask will help to put your skin back on course. Whether your skin is thirsty dry dull or visibly stressed by life etc. 10 minutes of self-care with our popular Hydrating Mask will remedy all of the above. The skin wins are: luminosity plumped and perfected skin and fine lines in soft(er) focus. | | FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND CONDITIONS ESPECIALLY DEHYDRATED | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | Our Hydrating Mask delivers instant moisture and nourishment to the skin and in doing so bumps up your natural radiance and the luminosity of your skin. Because: hydration = glow. This is an almost-instant skin fix; dehydration dryness and fine lines fade into submission. | | KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter Ginger Vitamin B5 multi-vitamin concentrate Red Raspberry | | WHY WE LOVE IT: | | It instantly deals with dehydration thanks to nourishing botanicals | | Like we said hydration is the gateway to both instant and long-term luminosity and radiance | | Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped up and put into soft focus | | A multi-vitamin concentrate calms protects and serves against environmental stress | | It’s an instant skin boost for weekly maintenance and/or pre-event prep | | | | HOW TO USE IT: | | Evenly apply a smooth film to a clean skin (including the neck including around the eyes and over the lips if desired) and leave your skin to marinate for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water gently pat dry and apply skincare. Use weekly before an event or as often as needed.