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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% (200ml)

AN AHA-BASED EXFOLIANT SCRUB TO BUFF & POLISH THE SKIN & BOOST RADIANCE | | Glycolic Scrub 14% is a proven skin smoother for all but the sensitive and easily irritated. This highly active face scrub contains both chemical and physical exfoliants to refine and retexturize the skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging fresh new cells to the surface and into the spotlight. It’s particularly helpful for skin experiencing blackheads pimples and hormonal breakouts and pigmentation helping the skin to reset and remedy dullness and dry patches. | | FOR MOST SKIN TYPES. EXCEPT RED INFLAMED IRRITATED OR SENSITIVE | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | Glycolic Scrub 14% works to exfoliate from the skin’s surface layers and below. Physical exfoliants such as ocean-friendly and biodegradable Jojoba and Silica beads gently buff and polish the skin’s surface while chemical exfoliant Glycolic Acid goes deeper to help dislodge expired skin cells that can lead to congestion. Not only does Glycolic Scrub 14% treat the visible concerns associated with premature ageing (like age spots persistent dryness fine lines and wrinkles) it nudges the skin’s natural exfoliation and cellular renewal process into (a higher) gear. | | KEY INGREDIENTS: Glycolic Acid Jojoba beads Tea Tree Oil | | WHY WE LOVE IT: | | Natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient Tea Tree Oil helps to purify the skin and calm inflammation associated with congestion and acne breakouts | | Not only does it help clean and clarify the skin but Glycolic Scrub 14% revives radiance and natural luminosity thanks to the perfect concentration of Glycolic Acid. Hello glow. | | As it removes expired skin cells skin appears brighter which helps to soften the appearance of pigmentation and improve skin tone. | | It resurfaces the skins outer layers but also reboots the cellular renewal process below the surface to get its act together. | | HOW TO USE IT: | | Obsessive types take note: you may want to but please don’t use this more than once or twice a week. Work a pea-sized amount onto wet hands and carefully massage into your skin while avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and gently pat dry. Do not use on red or inflamed skin.