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Skinstitut Eye Believe (30ml)

AN ANTI-AGEING EYE SERUM TO TARGET DARK CIRCLES PUFFINESS & CROW’S FEET | | An elegant anti-ageing eye serum Eye Believe puts fines lines crow’s feet and dark circles into fade mode while hydrating and protecting this delicate skin that’s so easily prone to the early signs of premature ageing. In Eye Believe we (absolutely) trust. | | FOR ALL SKIN TYPES | | SIGNATURE SUPERPOWERS: | | As our dedicated treatment serum for the eye area Eye Believe helps to tighten the skin and target puffiness. It’s blessed with one of our favourite moisturisers Hyaluronic Acid which helps to not only boost moisture in the skin but keep it there. Fine lines and crow’s feet are firmly put into fade mode. Your eye area looks refreshed youthful and bright. | | KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid SYN®-AKE (a synthetic peptide) Irwinol (botanical butter) | | WHY WE LOVE IT: | | It’s literally a wake-up call for puffy eyes. A synthetic peptide tightens and helps to tighten the skin which will help to reduce the appearance of puffiness | | Hyaluronic Acid helps to boost and maintain moisture levels and soften skin texture while dialling down the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet | | A little goes a long way | | HOW TO USE IT: | | Apply no more than the size of a pinhead and gently pat (not rub) around the edge of the orbital bones with your ring finger.