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Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent Hair Straightening


Melbourne’s Choice For Chemical Hair Straightening

Looking for a permanent hair straightening solution to frizzy, unruly or flyaway hair? Attitude can provide you with customised straightening services that will enhance your natural look. Our treatments will leave you with shiny, smooth and silky locks that are extremely easy to manage and maintain.


Confused By All The Different Permanent Hair Straightening Terms?

There are many different terms used to describe Permanent Hair Straightening including:


  • Japanese Straightening
  • Thermal Reconditioning
  • Straight Perm
  • Ionic Straightening
  • Bio Ionic
  • Permanent Straightening
  • Thermal Straightening
  • Yuko Straightening
  • Shiseido Crystallizing Straightening


These are using basically the same process to straighten curly, wavy or frizzy hair. They will all permanently straighten hair and will leave your hair looking healthier, shiny, sleek and easier to manage. Your regrowth will be your natural hair texture.


Now Offering Shiseido Hair Straightening Services In Melbourne

At Attitude we have chosen Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straightening because we are thrilled with the results and love the after-care products! We value the health and wellness of your hair and will not perform this service on bleached or bleach highlighted hair as it may cause damage.

If you are wanting to soften your curl then Relaxing may be the service for you! Results will vary depending on how curly or wavy your natural hair is but you can expect healthy, bouncy, manageable, silky, soft and natural hair.


Our Range Of Chemical Straightening Services

At Attitude, we offer a full range of chemical hair straightening services at our Melbourne salon.


Shiseido Crystallizing Chemical Straightening

There are many different terms used to describe permanent hair straightening. Thermal reconditioning, straight perms, Shiseido crystallizing – whatever you want to call it, they all involve a similar process of straightening curly, wavy or frizzy hair. At our Melbourne salon, we prefer the Shiseido crystallizing chemical treatments because of the amazing results and after-care products. Following treatment, your hair will be irresistibly smooth and easy to manage. The effects are long-lasting, offering a permanent solution to unruly tresses.


Tailored Permanent Straightening Services

At Attitude, we offer a wide range of tailored straightening solutions in Melbourne. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the area, we can deliver a treatment to meet your needs. Our stylists can straighten specific sections of your hair to provide you with the look you desire.


After-Care Products

During chemical hair straightening, the inside structure of your hair is permanently altered to give you your new look.  Using the aftercare product range that has been specifically designed to complement your service is necessary to achieve desired results.  The product range selected for you by your stylist will keep your hair smooth and healthy. All products are available in our salon or at our online store. 

If you would like a personalised recommendation for the perfect products for your hair, or if have any questions about our shiseido straightening treatment please contact our friendly team on (03) 9866 8088 or by emailing   

We are here to help!

As well as permanent hair straightening, we also offer trichotillomania treatment, hair extensions and much more.