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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions


Eye lash extensions; semi permanent individual, weightless with a natural look and feel. A painless relaxing procedure that lengthens and thickens without the need for mascara.



Your eyelash extensions take 90 minutes to apply. A single extension will be placed on each of your natural lashes you can choose from a natural or glamour look. The extensions are applied using medical grade adhesive, and the lightweight nature of the material allows your technician to utilise even the smallest of lashes that would be unable to hold a traditional acrylic extension. While your lashes are being applied a hydrating and firming pad will be placed under the eye to nourish the delicate under eye area.


Altogether 45 - 70 or 70 - 140 lashes will be applied per eye and you get to choose how long you want to take them (from 6mm to 16mm) natural look to more glamorous!


Amela our lash technician is known in the industry for her expert skill in eyelash extensions, she will work with you to design a look you will absolutely love, using a large selection of different eyelash thicknesses, lengths and curls, you can be assured that not only will she apply them correctly, she will do so in the safest way, never compromising the health of your eyes. If you are after a semi permanent treatment that gives you an instantly fresher, younger more luxurious look every day without fail, then this is it.


THE PROMISE: To use the highest quality glue, to never use cluster or strip lashes and to always select a length and thickness that will not compromise and damage your natural lashes!


THE BENEFITS: Take years of your age. Pain free. Spend less time getting ready. No more mascaras.