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Hair Colour

With our advanced colour training and knowledge, we use Swedish colour which promises to be 100% vegan, low ammonia colours that are natural based and not tested on animals

Attitude has partnered with STOCKHOLM SWEDEN – REF for many years. REF is an innovative Swedish brand of hair care and colour products sold exclusively to salons, and present in 30 countries. The range includes a 100% Vegan Care Line, Styling Products, Permanent Colour, Soft Colour and ProPlex. The brand aims to communicate the concept of natural beauty through values of simplicity, sustainability and quality in all its products.

REF delivers extraordinary results with simplicity through the Unique Number System on all styling products. It easily defines the level of Hold, Shine, and Volume. Do you need Hold, Shine, or Volume? The system makes it easy for both hairdresser and consumer to choose the right product for their needs. REF is committed to contributing to a sustainable future. The Complete Care Line is not just sulfate and paraben free, but also 100% vegan. REF believes in a future where animals can live side by side with humans without exploitation. REF pays a self-imposed environmental fee to compensate for its carbon footprint.

REF offers quality products with a mix of the best of what nature has to offer with the latest technology. The Color Preserve System combines natural ingredients derived from sunflower seed oil with the cutting edge technology of an anti-fade system. REF uses strengthening Quinoa Protein, often called the Keratin of nature, in all its products.