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  • At Home Facial Kit

    Hydration/Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Included Products: - Ultra Cleanse- Medi-Scrub- Vitamin B- ImprovEye’s Day- Repair & Restore (Professional Product Only, Homecare version is “Masquerase”)- Super Serum+- Reclaim-Uber Zinc Included...

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  • Blem-X (blemish control serum) 15ml

    A powerful anti-acne spot treatment serum designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes. This fast acting formula contains antibacterial ingredients and natural acids to decongest pores, exfoliate and help soothe irritated skin.

  • Cult Classics

    With the launch of Synergie Skin’s eagerly anticipated Cult Classics selection, replenishing your coveted Clean Science skincare favourites is now even easier. Full of Synergie Skin’s Top 5 best sellers, Cult Classics are your fundamentals for radiant...

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  • De-Stress (calming facial oil) 30ml

    A soothing facial oil designed to moisturise, calm and protect delicate, irritated skin. Fortified with blackcurrant seed oil, pure olive squalene, seabuckthorn and macadamia oil to hydrate sensitive skin, this non-comedogenic oil will provide instant...

  • Even Blend Serum (30ml)

    Even Blend Serum is an active skin-correcting serum to target the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by UV exposure, inflammation, or hormonal imbalances.

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  • ImprovEyes Day (anti-ageing eye serum) 15ml

    A lightweight eye serum designed to restore the youthful appearance to the delicate skin around the eye area. Revolutionary peptide technology addresses fine lines, crowÕs feet, dark circles and puffiness.

  • In-B-teen (B3 teen serum) 30ml

    The ideal serum for adolescent skin and those concerned with minor blemishes, oil control and general skin luminosity. Fortified with niacinamide, In-B-Teen is the perfect introduction to active cosmeceuticals for young skin.

  • Multi-Active Oil (50ml)

    Multi-Active Oil is a multi-tasking face oil loaded with nourishing botanical extracts and nurturing plant oils. ItÕs a great DIY skin treatment, particularly for dehydrated, dry, and sensitive types and to give your skin a boost during the cooler months.

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  • Pure-C (96% L-ascorbic acid) 4.5g

    Vitamin C has long been hailed as the ultimate skin fortifier and brightener. In this formula we couple vitamin C in its purest formÑL-ascorbic powder crystalsÑwith the versatile antioxidant alpha lipoic acid.

  • Rejuvenate 15 Serum (30ml)

    Rejuvenate 15 Serum is an active hydrating serum powered by superior antioxidant vitamin protection to treat a range of skin concerns including dehydration, dullness, pigmentation and sun damage and fine lines. We call it: salvation for dull, sluggish...

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