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  • At Home Facial Kit

    At Home Facial Kit

    Hydration/Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Included Products: - Ultra Cleanse- Medi-Scrub- Vitamin B- ImprovEye’s Day- Repair & Restore (Professional Product Only, Homecare version is “Masquerase”)- Super Serum+- Reclaim-Uber Zinc Included...

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  • B-JuvEnate (vitamin B3 body lotion) 200ml

    B-JuvEnate (vitamin B3 body lotion) 200ml

    A lightweight cosmeceutical body lotion with niacinamide (vitamin B3) to naturally improve the appearance and luminosity of the skin. Use daily to address environmental dryness, and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone on the body.

  • Cult Classics

    Cult Classics

    With the launch of Synergie Skin’s eagerly anticipated Cult Classics selection, replenishing your coveted Clean Science skincare favourites is now even easier. Full of Synergie Skin’s Top 5 best sellers, Cult Classics are your fundamentals for radiant...

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  • Hydrating Mask (75ml)

    Hydrating Mask (75ml)

    Whether your skin is thirsty, dry, dull, or visibly stressed by life etc., 10 minutes of self-care with our popular Hydrating Mask will remedy all of the above. The skin wins are: luminosity, plumped and perfected skin, and fine lines in soft(er) focus.

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  • HydroGel (oil-free finishing serum) 50ml

    HydroGel (oil-free finishing serum) 50ml

    A finishing serum, ideal for oily skin, blemish prone skin and enlarged pores. This oil-free formula regulates sebum flow and minimises pore size, while simultaneously boosting hydration levels to reduce skin tightness and flaking.

  • HyDrolock (intense night hydrator) 50ml

    HyDrolock (intense night hydrator) 50ml

    A rich facial moisturiser designed to repair and combat dry, ageing skin. As skin ages or is subjected to environmental extremes, additional hydration and repair is needed to replenish and restore surface imperfections and moisture levels.

  • Moisture Defence Normal Skin (50ml)

    Moisture Defence Normal Skin (50ml)

    Moisture Defence Ð Normal is an elegant but efficient daily moisturiser. Its wearable, lightweight texture belies its hydration and protection superpowers. And for the combination skins out there wondering: yes, you can use this too and no, it wonÕt clog...

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  • Moisture Defence Oily Skin (50ml)

    Moisture Defence Oily Skin (50ml)

    This likeable Ñmake that loveableÑmoisturiser will quieten all your concerns about being lightweight enough, oil balancing, and mattifying. ItÕs pretty genius actually. And no, Moisture Defence Ð Oily wonÕt clog your pores or make you break out. Trust...

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