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Home Care & Recovery

  • At Home Facial Kit

    At Home Facial Kit

    Hydration/Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Included Products: - Ultra Cleanse- Medi-Scrub- Vitamin B- ImprovEye’s Day- Repair & Restore (Professional Product Only, Homecare version is “Masquerase”)- Super Serum+- Reclaim-Uber Zinc Included...

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  • Cult Classics

    Cult Classics

    With the launch of Synergie Skin’s eagerly anticipated Cult Classics selection, replenishing your coveted Clean Science skincare favourites is now even easier. Full of Synergie Skin’s Top 5 best sellers, Cult Classics are your fundamentals for radiant...

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  • Detox anTiox 100ml (purifying detox mask) 100ml

    Detox anTiox 100ml (purifying detox mask) 100ml

    The ultimate deep cleansing treatment for skin exhibiting pore congestion and toxic build-up. A blend of precious minerals, kaolin and bentonite work together to draw out impurities, refine pores and address skin congestion.

  • Eye Believe (30ml)

    Eye Believe (30ml)

    An elegant, anti-ageing eye serum, Eye Believe puts fines lines, crowÕs feet, and dark circles into fade mode while hydrating and protecting this delicate skin thatÕs so easily prone to the early signs of premature ageing. In Eye Believe we (absolutely)...

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  • MasquErase (anti-ageing mask) 50ml

    MasquErase (anti-ageing mask) 50ml

    The ultimate indulgent home treatment mask. Used weekly, MasquErase will help restore your skinÕs youthful glow with its potent blend of active ingredients including intense hydrators, marine phycosaccharide, niacinamide and Canadian Willowherb.

  • Multi-Active Mist (100ml)

    Multi-Active Mist (100ml)

    Multi-Active Mist is a refreshing face mist that moisturises, nourishes, and revitalizes the skin in seconds. It plays particularly well with others and is the perfect prep step before the rest of your skincare routine.

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  • Occlusiderm (post-treatment occlusive) 30g

    Occlusiderm (post-treatment occlusive) 30g

    An occlusive skin balm ideal for soothing irritated, flaking and stressed skin. A natural barrier alternative to petroleum, Occlusiderm contains the active ingredient ricinoleic acid to protect, calm and hydrate damaged skin.

  • Post Laser Gel (soothing and calming aftercare) 200ml

    Post Laser Gel (soothing and calming aftercare) 200ml

    The formula contains a combination of the powerful anti-irritant antibacterial and redness reducing Canadian Willowherb and Aloe Vera powder concentrate to effectively soothe skin and minimise post-treatment inflammation while promoting hydration and...