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  • At Home Facial Kit

    At Home Facial Kit

    Hydration/Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Included Products: - Ultra Cleanse- Medi-Scrub- Vitamin B- ImprovEye’s Day- Repair & Restore (Professional Product Only, Homecare version is “Masquerase”)- Super Serum+- Reclaim-Uber Zinc Included...

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  • BioCleanse (mild non-foaming cleanser) 120ml

    BioCleanse (mild non-foaming cleanser) 120ml

    BioCleanse is a luxurious cape rose geranium cleansing lotion for fragile, dry or sensitive skin types. Designed to gently remove surface pollution, cell debris and makeup without stripping the natural acid mantle of the skin.

  • Cleansing Dust  (mild exfoliating cleanser) 40gr

    Cleansing Dust (mild exfoliating cleanser) 40gr

    This 5-in-1 powder combines cleansing agents with botanical exfoliants, anti-irritants, skin brighteners and hydrators. Cleansing Dust includes natural rice bran exfoliants to ensure a deeply purifying experience that is both effective and gentle on the...

  • Cult Classics

    Cult Classics

    With the launch of Synergie Skin’s eagerly anticipated Cult Classics selection, replenishing your coveted Clean Science skincare favourites is now even easier. Full of Synergie Skin’s Top 5 best sellers, Cult Classics are your fundamentals for radiant...

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  • Gentle Cleanser (200ml)

    Gentle Cleanser (200ml)

    Gentle Cleanser is a kind and calming cleanser that any skin can use. A skinstitut best-seller, it purifies, calms, and hydrates the skin without irritating it in the process. ItÕs all-skins appropriate and gentle enough to remove eye makeup and lipstick.

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  • Gentle X-fol Cloth (muslin facial cloth)

    Gentle X-fol Cloth (muslin facial cloth)

    Made from 100% muslin cotton, this Cloth boasts superior quality with a denser weave to boost your facial cleansing routine with a light exfoliating action. Using it daily stimulates circulation and promotes regeneration of new cells, leaving your skin...

  • Glycolic Cleanser 12% (200ml)

    Glycolic Cleanser 12% (200ml)

    Made for multi-taskers, Glycolic Cleanser 12% is an AHA-fuelled cleanser that is our most active cleanser and exceeds basic cleansing expectations. But before we get into that, please note: itÕs not for you if you have inflamed, red, irritated, or...

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  • Konjac Sponge (face & body sponge)

    Konjac Sponge (face & body sponge)

    Konjac has been used for centuries in Japan as a nutritional food source and in recent times, has become popular in beauty treatments. Our Japanese Konjac sponge gently exfoliates and effectively cleans the skin without irritation.

  • L-Lactic Cleanser (200ml)

    L-Lactic Cleanser (200ml)

    L-Lactic Cleanser is a deeply hydrating and nourishing cleansing gel that calms any skin type but is especially soothing for delicate, dry skin. It also encourages the skinÕs own natural exfoliation process, known as desquamation. With regular use, skin...

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  • Micellar Water (200ml)

    Micellar Water (200ml)

    Microbiome Micellar Water is a vitamin-enriched cleanser that goes above and beyond its day job to achieve clear, hydrated, and radiant skin._ ItÕs a clean, fragrance-free formula that contains no detergents or colourantsÑwhich means any and every skin...

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  • Micellution (micellar cleansing water) 250ml

    Micellution (micellar cleansing water) 250ml

    Micellution is a gentle micellar cleansing water that will effectively remove traces of makeup, oil build-up and impurities from the skin. In a few sweeps, impurities are dissolved without stripping the skin, leaving the skin purified, balanced, soothed...